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The 10 Most Prevalent Traits of Really Successful Online Stores (Part 1)

Online stores are no different than their brick-and-mortar counterparts when it comes to the importance of sales. Although there are differences in how the two types of retailers operate, the thinking and planning stages share surprisingly similar strategies.successful online stores

#1 Winnable niches

Do you know the size of the niche you’re appealing to?

If it’s large, you’ll need a focused marketing strategy so your brand will stand out from the competition – especially if you’re selling through major platforms like Bigcommerce. On the other hand, with smaller niches there is less competition and more chance of buyers finding your online store. However, there will be less potential buyers.

#2 Original products and services

Knowing the niche(s) you serve helps you understand what your potential customers need. More importantly, it helps you understand what they need that few others are offering.

Many Shopify, eBay and other sites get lost in the crowd because they’re over shadowed by the competition. This means that potential buyers can visit a slew of online stores that offer what they’re looking for.

#3 Clear item descriptions

It’s all about customer value. Can you describe the benefits of your product or service? Or identify what motivates your potential customer? How about product differentiation?

When writing a description, use simple and short sentences for readability and avoid jargon. That is, write it as you would normally speak in a conversation.

#4 Quality images

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you trust an online store that posts crappy images of their products? I wouldn’t. Nor would your potential customer. You can bet they’ll be off to your competitor’s site lickety-split.

#5 Excellent customer service

Probably the one trait that every successful online store has in common is excellent customer service. You would think this would be a no-brainer, but many stores – online and off – overlook the importance of simply being attentive and courteous. In the end, though, they do pay the price.

My next post will be Part 2 of this article. So . . . stay tuned.





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