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10 Ways to Make Your Product Listings More Successful (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this article touched on the basic logistics for creating successful product listings. For example, writing informative descriptions, keeping pricing easily visible, and having customer-friendly return policies.

While these are certainly effective strategies, it’s also important to delve a little deeper into what motivates a customer to buy. In other words, to really increase your product listings’ success rate, you have to create a connection between customer and product.

Part 2 of this article focuses on building this connection:

6) “Talk” to Your Ideal Buyer

Your product listings need to speak directly to how your ideal buyer will feel after using your product.

You can use past and future tenses of verbs to achieve this. Additionally, by keeping it conversational and using enticing words like “imagine” and “picture yourself,” customers will more readily identify with your product in an emotional way.

7) Define Your Product’s Basic Features

Of course you don’t want to focus only on features; nevertheless, you’ll still need to provide key information like size, weight, and color.

But always keep in mind that features themselves don’t sell products.

8) Explain How It Can be Useful

“All products exist to enhance or improve the purchaser’s quality of life in one way or another,” notes BigCommerce’s Danielle Mead.

Benefits speak to a customer’s in-the-moment need. In other words, they answer the—as mentioned in the first part of this article—“what’s in it for me?” question.

question bubbles for product listingsSo spell it out for them in a way that presents a solution. This will not be hard to do if you truly understand what makes your customer tick.

9) Don’t Forget the When and Where Questions

The answers to these questions lie somewhere between your product’s features and its benefits. For simplicity’s sake, these could be considered the product’s advantages.

10) Use Power Words to Connect

You can augment the customer and product connection by including power words in your product listings that trigger emotions.

Some examples include Free, New, Guaranteed, or You.

The most successful product listings are, by nature, intimate in that they tell stories which set the scene for a customer to take the next step. That is to say, they have the power to create the emotional connection that leads to buyer conversion.


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