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3 EBay Marketing Tips That Will Draw Customers In

ebay marketing tips to draw customers inThe most effective eBay marketing tips make it easier for eBay sellers to promote their products while also increasing their potential for visibility.

Tip 1: Optimize Titles by Adding Keywords

It goes without saying that an eBay seller’s main goal is to get to the top of search and be seen.

One way to get there is to optimize product titles by including keywords, thus giving your listings a better chance of reaching your target buyers.

Indeed, this is one of the most fundamental eBay marketing tips. Yet many sellers don’t take the time needed to plan an effective keyword strategy for their product listings.

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Tip 2: Use eBay’s Promoted Listings Service

You can also get to the top of eBay search by paying a fee. With eBay’s promoted listings service, you only pay when your item sells.

The way it works is similar to a sponsored ad in that sellers can choose which listings to promote and what ad rates to pay. Plus, so sellers can stay competitive, eBay offers a weekly report detailing current category trends based on various ad rates set by sellers.

Tip 3: Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

Granted, most eBay marketing tips are based on getting visitors to a store. But just as important from a marketing standpoint is how they feel once they’re there.

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Visitors often read customer reviews before buying anything online. I know I do. And even a couple negative comments can adversely affect their buying decision. What’s more is they can also damage a store’s reputation over the long term.

Ultimately the only way to ensure positive reviews and, by extension, maintain a good reputation, is to consistently provide an excellent service.


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