seller at computer surprised by her ecommerce sales tactics

3 Extreme Ecommerce Sales Tactics You Have to Read to Believe

seller at computer surprised by her ecommerce sales tactics

Of course, “extreme” can be defined as anything from intense or utmost to excessive or drastic. However, for the purpose of this post’s title, I characterize it as a way to describe a few ecommerce sales tactics that are, well, just a bit beyond the norm.

That’s not to say they’re ineffective; but it could explain why you may not have heard of them until now.

#1 Use emojis and video content in the Facebook timeline feed

I know what you’re thinking. “Video content, maybe, but emojis? Seriously?”

Yes, why not?

In fact, as far as ecommerce sales tactics go, Facebook ads can be a great way to bring cheap leads and sales to your site. Moreover, social media in general is an effective way to capture positive attention for your business.

#2 Reduce the amount of syllables in your product’s price

Yep, you heard that right! Interestingly enough, less syllables makes the price appear smaller in a buyer’s mind.

The reason for this lies in the complexity of human psychology and how our minds perceive things. In this case, the brain associates the number of syllables with quantity.

And this includes punctuation and decimals. For example, $29.00 is interpreted by the mind as a higher quantity than 29.

#3 Create a partnership with other websites in your industry

This is a great strategy to not only sell more, but to also sell faster.

When considering potential partners, research their direct sales channels in order to figure out which ones enable you to get access to the most customers.

Then, once you’re set up, partnered websites can offer limited time deals as well as special promotions to their combined customer bases. Win-win.

It’s always a great idea to have lots of tricks up your sleeve to improve your ecommerce sales tactics. So why not try some you may not have thought about before?

In any event, the best rule of thumb is to always follow your own guidance. After all, you’re the one who knows your store and your customers the best.

Have any “extreme” ideas of your own to share? Feel free to add a comment.


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