cartoon hand with a magnet drawing in customers by selling on multiple sites

3 Fast Facts About Selling on Multiple Sites

cartoon hand with a magnet drawing in customers by selling on multiple sites

We always want to attract more customers to our businesses, right? After all, isn’t the idea to be available in as many markets as possible?

Well, yes, but, equally important to expanding your market is maintaining current customer loyalty.

If you are selling on multiple sites, whether it’s through your own ecommerce sites or third party marketplaces such as eBay or Shopify, you have an incredible opportunity to connect with customers and keep them coming back.

But only if you consider the following facts:

Fact #1: Sellers must manage their inventory like a pro

Selling on multiple sites allows you to expand your reach and increase your sales. Conversely, it can become an inventory and accounting nightmare if you still do things manually.

A good multichannel retail system will help you keep inventory straight and avoid disappointing customers.

Fact #2: Sellers need to understand their target market(s)

It’s common knowledge that different marketplaces attract different types of buyers. However, finding the right marketplace to sell on can be difficult if you don’t know your customer.

Are the selling platforms you’ve chosen a good fit for your products and business goals?

For example, community driven sites like Etsy were created to help artists sell their work while also attracting target buyers searching for unique and one-of-a-kind items.

Fact #3: Sellers must keep product data consistent

If an item sells on one venue, you need to immediately pull it down from other venues. In real time.

Anything else is less than professional and can lead to negative feedback.

Indeed the only effective way to keep your product data consistent across channels is with specialized software, such as Esa Product Manager’s app, which lets you import eBay products and sync for Shopify, Etsy, and Bigcommerce stores.

Selling on multiple sites can have its rewards and its headaches. But, in the end, maintaining customer loyalty is always based on the quality of the customer experience.

And this is something you always have control over.


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