pen with colorful images flowing into online product descriptions

3 Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Product Descriptions

pen with colorful images flowing into online product descriptionsWhether your online product descriptions need just a little tweaking, or even a major overhaul, the strategies outlined below can help transform a dull product blurb into one that shines.

Define Your Tone of Voice

At this point, you should already have a clear idea who your target buyer is. If not, then you’ll need to figure that out before writing any descriptions.

The reason this is so important is because your target buyer is the “person” you will be “speaking” directly to.

With this in mind, it’s always best to write your product descriptions when you’re feeling positive and enthusiastic. That’s because your mood – good or bad – will be clearly felt by your readers. So don’t chase them away with the wrong tone.

Optimize for Keywords

Editing your text will no doubt boost its effectiveness. Equally important, though, is to brainstorm keywords that you can include in your online product descriptions.

There are, of course, many ways to go about this task. One way that’s helpful is to make a list of your product’s features and benefits and then extract keywords from that list.

And you can take this a step further. Try doing a search using these keywords to see what comes up. This can help you figure out how to optimize your own online product descriptions.

But, to be clear, your descriptions should never be stuffed with keywords. In fact, keyword “saturation” can, and likely will, cause search engines to ignore your listings altogether. Ouch.

Keep Your Copy Short

Let’s face it. Most people have the attention span of a goldfish—which is why you need to use short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs in all of your descriptions.

In other words, it’s about the quality and choice of your words rather than length.

Generally speaking, the best online product descriptions are those that tell a story. That is to say, they personally engage the reader in a way that persuades them into making a purchase. And maybe even into becoming a repeat customer.

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