happy online shoppers with purchases

3 Types of Online Shoppers You Need to Be Aware Of

happy online shoppers with purchasesThere are many different kinds of shoppers these days from bargain hunters to one time buyers to product focused seekers, to name just a few.

Yet there are three specific types of online shoppers who stand out from the rest. And they can have a negative impact on your bottom line if you don’t understand what drives their purchasing decisions.

The Leisurely Ones

These specific online shoppers surely have a way of appearing fickle because they may visit your store for the sole reason of getting ideas and inspiration before heading off to a brick and mortar store to make a purchase.

Or, on the other hand, they may simply be bored and are just killing time by browsing.

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Either way, it will be to your benefit to learn more about what you can do to encourage browsers, through sales or other buying incentives, to make an online purchase.

The Reluctant Ones

Reluctant online shoppers can be somewhat difficult to assess. Although they intend to make their purchase online, they often have a problem buying something sight unseen.

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Having to pay for shipping is another reason they may be hesitant to make a commitment. But there are many ways to solve this dilemma, and it’s not hard to come up with a creative solution that won’t break their bank . . . or yours.

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In any case, it’s always a good idea to make your ecommerce site straightforward and user friendly so that visitors can find what they want in as few clicks as possible.

The Fearful Ones

Security and privacy issues are what drive these online shoppers. Simply put, they are apprehensive about providing personal information online.

In order to alleviate their concerns, and to protect all of your customers, it’s important to put practices into place that will assure that all personal information is safeguarded.

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By gaining an understanding of what motivates these three types of online shoppers, and then acting on it, you can, as a result, feel confident that you’ve done everything in your power to encourage their business and earn their trust.


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