4 Ideas for a More Effective Target Marketing Strategy

4 Ideas for a More Effective Target Marketing Strategy

4 Ideas for a More Effective Target Marketing StrategyA willingness to try new marketing tactics (even if they’re out of your comfort zone) can help improve sales. More importantly, a target marketing strategy needs to be appealing and practical in order to pique a seller’s curiosity and provide motivation.

With this in mind, here are some ideas to get you thinking about your approach.

#1 Entice buyers by periodically offering flash sales

A quick way to increase traffic and conversions is by tapping into people’s natural sense of FOMO, or “fear of missing out.”

You can do this with a flash sale. This is a short time period in which you provide a highly valuable offer such as a discount, new product, or something else novel.

Simply put, the time-bound nature of a flash sale combined with its limited stock appeal entices customers to buy immediately instead of waiting.

#2 Be straightforward and specific with product names

This marketing concept should be part of every store’s target marketing strategy. If it isn’t, customers won’t be able to find the seller’s product even when they’re searching for exactly what they sell.

So forget the fancy adjectives and superlatives in your descriptions. Instead, describe exactly what your product is.

Of course there are many aspects to writing a good product description, including SEO planning and keyword usage. But it’s the product name area, in particular, that will help buyers find what they’re looking for, or not.

#3 Send customers a free magnet with every purchase

Keeping a supply of refrigerator magnets on hand with your store’s web address printed on them is a simple idea. But it’s one that can yield long-term results.

The reason is they help customers remember where they purchased the item, making it more likely they’ll refer your site to their friends.

#4 Offer buyers a deal if they purchase multiple products

You could offer a “2 for 1” deal or maybe a “buy 2, get 1 free” sale.

Offering multiple products is effective because it often results in a sale. The reason is that it taps into the psychology of the individual thinking they’ve secured a great deal.

However, keep in mind it works best on products with adequate margins to make it profitable. So you may want to do some calculating first to see if it’s a feasible idea.

Developing the right overall target marketing strategy to help you gain regular customers takes constant work and promotion. There’s really no way around that.

The key, therefore, is to make it part of your regular business planning. When you consistently review and update your approach, you automatically get a better understanding of your customers in real time. And this is always good for business.


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