Ideas to Supercharge Your Online Customer Strategy

4 Ideas to Supercharge Your Online Customer Strategy

Ideas to Supercharge Your Online Customer StrategyMaybe you already have an effective online customer strategy but feel it needs some updating or rethinking. Or perhaps you’re still in the setting-up stages of your business.

Whatever the case, here are four ways to ensure you’re delivering quality customer service that customers are sure to notice:

1. See from their point of view

You can gain a much better understanding of your customer by experiencing your business from their perspective: from website navigation to ease of checkout, and more.

You’ll also get additional insight into your target market’s needs and wants. And this is indeed critical information for taking your online customer strategy to the next level.

2. Highlight your unique brand

Shoppers these days have increasingly shorter attention spans so you need to quickly attract their attention. And a well-presented “feel” to your ecommerce site can do that.

Therefore it’s important (even if you don’t have a brand, per se) to be consistent in all aspects of your business. Think logo, color scheme, taglines, and voice. Make it a good first impression by emphasizing service.

3. Welcome negative feedback

Hopefully you already do this, nevertheless it is worth repeating: always listen to your customers, even (especially) when they are unhappy or angry.

Then resolve their issues as quickly and effectively as possible and stop them from being repeated in the future.

Complaints are valuable lessons for improving your store’s customer service. In essence, you’re using negative feedback to get insights into helpful target market data.

4. Offer simple and convenient

Also, make it easy for customers to contact your business.

When you simplify processes and offer convenient options as part of your online customer strategy, you enhance their experience on your site as well as increase the chances they’ll come back.

And this is a win-win situation. That’s because, in the final analysis, it’s the long-term and repeat customers who can be more productive to a business than new customers.


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