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4 Most Frequently Asked Etsy Questions

hand embroidered etsy questions decoration

Etsy may be a global community with billions of dollars in annual sales, but it still has an intimate feel. Indeed, one of the reasons is because many sellers freely share their own experiences and Etsy questions in order to help others succeed.

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Do I need a business license or permit?

Not necessarily. But that doesn’t get you off the hook.

While it’s true that anyone can open an Etsy account, you still need to look into the legalities of operating an online business.

“To avoid violations and fines you’ll want to make sure you comply with state and local laws and regulations,” advises bizfilings.com.

How can I make my shop/products stand out?

Many artisans and craftspeople have beautiful handmade products to sell and, perhaps, even a lovely storefront on Etsy.

But what they are lacking is a solid business plan.

A well-thought-out business plan can, in effect, answer your Etsy questions. This could include things like product photography quality, pricing, and product knowledge. In short, it can be a guide to help you develop your unique brand.

How important are keyword tags and phrases?

To encourage sales, products have to be seen first. Makes sense, right?

And so, similarly, SEO can help your products rank well. In other words, your page will be seen more often as a result of using keyword tags and phrases.

“The more a keyword is repeated in your listing description and tags,” explains small business expert, Krista Fabregas, “the higher the chance a buyer searching that word on Etsy will end up on your page.”

What do I need to know about shipping to stay competitive?

This is not only one of the most asked Etsy questions, but also a topic of interest for any ecommerce seller—and one that requires a bit of research.

Nevertheless, there is one major factor to consider when planning your shipping strategy, no matter whether you ship yourself or hire a third-party fulfillment company.

And that is to ensure your items ship within 24 hours of an order being placed. Simply put, successful sellers all have an excellent reputation for fast shipping.

“Shipping quickly is not hard to do and can make a significant difference in a buyer’s perception of your business’s professionalism and efficiency,” adds Fabregas.


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