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4 Tips to Writing An Ecommerce Blog that Gets Read

colorful typewriter writing an ecommerce blogWriting an ecommerce blog allows you to tell stories and share pertinent information with your target audience. What’s more is that it can help drive sales.

So this makes it a powerful marketing platform.

But in order to increase the chance of engagement, your blog should be easy to read and feel personal. At the same time, though, it needs to get important points across quickly and simply. The tips below can help you achieve both.

Tip 1: Have a clear purpose

Why are you thinking about writing an ecommerce blog? What are your business goals?

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Having clarity and purpose can help you build readership. From there, your blog has the potential to convert readers into customers, and, eventually, into repeat buyers.

Tip 2: Develop a brand voice

The goal of any blog is to build an audience and generate more traffic. To do this, you essentially infuse your writing with brand personality.

It’s not hard to find your brand voice. That is, once you’ve given some thought to how your overall business goals relate to your target market as well as your own personality.

Your voice could be fun, quirky, or serious. Or whatever best matches your unique style.

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Tip 3: Choose relevant topics

If you want to relate to your target audience, choose topics that interest them.

One way to do this is by keyword research. Once you have your keywords, you can then develop angles or stories around them. (Click here to learn more about keywords and SEO best practices for blogs.)

Another way to brainstorm topic ideas is by searching similar blog titles to see what people are reading most.

Finally, don’t forget that a compelling title encourages people to read a blog post because it lets them know what to expect.

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Tip 4: Write conversationally

This tip underscores all the others. Simply put, it means writing for your readers the same way you would talk with a friend.

You know, person to person. In other words, you’re offering friendly words to help them solve a problem or to get fresh insights into your industry.

So whether you’re writing an ecommerce blog to build readership or crafting a product description that converts, your aim is to appeal to peoples’ emotions.

And it is this appeal, in the end, that makes your writing worthy of reading.


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