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5 Fast Facts About Selling Products on eBay

Selling products on ebayThe idea of selling products on eBay may not always match the day-to-day reality.

For example, there’s often too much focus on finding a product with profit potential and not enough on other aspects of the business. And while product planning is indeed important, even more important is having a high-quality service customers can rely on.

#1 Building a solid foundation is critical for success

If you’re just starting out, the first thing you’ll want to do is educate yourself about eBay’s policies. Take some time to learn the landscape and read the rules.

From there, you can learn more about product pricing, sourcing inventory, delivery options, and more. You’ll benefit in the long run from the knowledge you gain now.

#2 Carefully positioned listings draw target customers in

Selling products on eBay at fixed prices is the business model used by most sellers, even though It may take a little longer for products to sell. On the other hand, an auction is quick and can yield higher payoffs, but it comes with risk and uncertainty..

Either way, you can focus on positioning your store’s listings to reach target customers by including well-constructed product descriptions using important keywords.

#3 Dependable communication can earn positive reviews

It’s important to stay in contact with your buyers throughout the buying process, for many reasons. One important one, explains ecommerce blogger Jason Ferguson, is that it can help you earn more positive reviews and a higher seller rating.

“Message [customers] as soon as their product has shipped—preferably within a day of the end of the auction,” Ferguson advises, “and again if you have not heard anything within two days of delivery.”

He also points out that it’s a good idea to respond to questions and complaints promptly, particularly if a buyer requests a refund.

# 4 Developing a good reputation will attract new business

Getting positive reviews when you’re selling products on eBay is a great way to boost your store’s reputation. So is consistently providing excellent customer service.

In truth, every aspect of your business can leave an impression in the customer’s mind. And when it’s a good one, you’re more likely to attract new business over time.

# 5 The key is knowing how to stand apart from the competition

“The merchants that benefit the most [from selling on eBay], regardless of their product specialty, are those who develop their reputation, provide excellent customer service and carefully position their listings,” sums up Ferguson.


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