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6 Ways That Political Change Can Affect Your Multi-Channel eBay Business

I get it. You have enough to do without having to worry about what the upcoming election means for your small Multi-Channel eBay business. Maybe you’re not even sure if your concerns matter to the candidates, so you tune it all out.

It’s just easier that way. Believe me, I know.

Besides, who wants to listen to those blowhards anyway? Their rhetoric is headache-inducing. Ouch.

But here’s where I can help. I am a small business owner as well as a self-described political junkie. And I have always been a tad suspicious of all politicians’ motivations, no matter what side of the aisle.

So I question everything.

Especially during an election year when, for the most part, they’re only telling us what we want to hear.

But how much of it is based in truth? That’s what I want to find out.

So I decided to create this series about the changing political landscape and its direct effect on small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What, specifically, do we need to know?

This article, the first in the series, provides a brief overview of the political issues affecting us. Future articles in the works will compare and contrast the candidates’ specific ideas on these and other issues.

But in a way that is not dull. Or humdrum. In fact, I might even get a bit irreverent and zany. Because what is politics, if not a game?

However, while I plan to have fun with this my ultimate goal is to help you navigate your course during these shifting political times.

1. Taxes and Finances

Taxation rates can directly affect our business growth and bottom line. Too often, we are levied taxes at a higher rate than the big corporations . . . you know, the ones who get away with paying way too little or nothing at all.

But that’s another story.

Political change can have a direct impact on the amount of taxes we pay Uncle Sam. And it can bring about confusing changes in the tax laws too.

This is due to the influence of economic ideologies at both the national and local levels. Different parties and individuals can enact policy reflecting their particular ideology, which, in turn, affects our multi-channel eBay business.

2. Access to Capital

Economic policy determines this. Period.

There may be an increase or a decrease of available funding programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In quality and quantity. And this can directly affect our ability to obtain a small business or personal loan.

Policy can also influence interest rates throughout the economy. So, even if we do get approved for that loan, we could be paying a very hefty amount for accessing much-needed capital for our multi-channel eBay business.

3. Healthcare Costs

This is always a concern. Everything from insurance company rate hikes to the complexities of the ACA. And what it means for us.

4. Government Regulations

Running a business is hard enough.

But on top of it there is all the bureaucratic red tape: This has to be done this way. That has to be set up that way. File this form. Update that form. And on and on.

Give me a break already.

That’s why local government leaders need to be active advocates for small businesses and entrepreneurs. To simplify the legalities. Thus encouraging business growth and helping the local economy.

5. Small Business Assistance for Multi-Channel eBay business

The goal for each of us is to build a sustainable and profitable business venture. And small business assistance programs can be an excellent and invaluable resource to help us do just that.

Low cost and free services from federal and state agencies can include grant funds, insured loans, advisory services, and sometimes even tax breaks. However, trends in legislative politics can affect the number and amount of these services.

Another reason why local government leaders need to be active advocates for small owners like us for our multi-channel eBay business.

6. Unstable Global Economy

An unstable global economy creates an uncertain political climate which can affect the overall business climate. Consumers may feel confident or fearful, depending on the international news of the day.

Especially when weak global economic factors dominate the media, while, at the same time, the politicians’ hyperbole adds to the mania and uncertainty.

And this can have a direct impact on your business.

Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions below. I would love to hear them. Thanks.

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