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Top 7 Questions Customers Want Answered in a Product Listing

If you are a multi-channel seller and sync your ecommerce products, you can create strong brand recognition with consistent cross-channel product listings.

But even if you sell on only one site, you can still create a good brand identity with well-written, descriptive listings.

Here are the top seven questions customers want answered in a product listing:

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7. Why should they buy your product?

Here’s a quick quiz: Can you explain your product in ten seconds?

You will need an effective customer pitch to sell your product, despite whether you sync your ecommerce products across channels or not.

6. What is the price tag?

If I visit a store and don’t see clear prices, chances are I’m going to go elsewhere.


Because the natural assumption is either the price is too high or that the customer service will be elusive. Or worse, both.

5. What does the product look like?

I am wary of ecommerce sites that display badly photographed merchandise.

And chances are your customers are too.

So don’t underestimate the value of using professional high-resolution images to “display” merchandise.

4. What are the emotional benefits?

Benefits differ from features. The latter are physical. But a benefit is what the customer feels as a result of using your product. For instance,

  • Can it save them time? Everyone wants more free time.
  • Does it help make life easier in some way? How so?

Answer the “what’s in it for me?” question and you’ll likely have a sale.

3. Is the item in stock?

When you sync your ecommerce products across channels, your information will always be accurate and up to date.

2. What is the shipping policy?

Shipping costs should be clearly displayed in the product description itself. Otherwise, you risk losing surprised customers at checkout.

“Studies have shown that shipping and handling fees are the number one factor in cart abandonment,” echoes Tucker Schreiber from Shopify.

1. What is their next step?

This is their call to action. So make it easy for them to buy with as few clicks as possible.sync your ecommerce inventory wrapped box

Sellers who sync their ecommerce products across multiple channels may achieve better brand recognition than those who don’t. However, in the end, effective product listings are what lead to satisfied customers.

And that’s what really matters.


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