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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Store Optimization

world in hand representing online store optimizationIf you’re new to this topic, the easiest way to jump into online store optimization is by first taking the time to understand, analyze, and apply the basics. Sounds obvious, but without a solid starting point, honing additional SEO skills will be much more difficult.

To that end, here are three key areas you should start learning about now:

Website Navigation

Your ecommerce site should be easy to navigate whether on a desktop or mobile device. Moreover, the information should be clear and organized and it must make sense. Otherwise, the search engines will basically ignore you.

But even if potential customers somehow manage to find you, a poorly designed site will quickly send them shopping elsewhere.

Keyword Usage

One of the most important ingredients in online store optimization is the proper use of keywords and phrases throughout a website, including in the product descriptions.

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To find relevant keywords for your online store, ask yourself a question: What do my target buyers type in the search engine box when they’re looking for my product?

A keyword-optimized site helps search engines not only find your page, but ascertain what it’s about, too. But, beware. Search engines will penalize poor quality and keyword-stuffed sites. So always use keywords smartly.

Unique Metadata

Title tags and meta descriptions are jointly known as “metadata” and are displayed together on the Search Engine Return Page (SERP).

The title tag is your page’s headline. It appears as the line of blue text in the SERP and the text under it is the meta description, a brief summary of that particular page.

Creating unique metadata for each page and product of your online store can take some time, but in the long run it can improve click through rates and help your site rank.

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Of course these are only a few techniques, but enough to get you started. Still, it’s important to remember that it takes considerable effort to make—and keep—an online store visible. But over time it will help you increase sales and boost revenue.

Thus the more you learn about online store optimization now, even if it is just the basics, the better. After all, this knowledge is what will be your principle guide as you continue to develop your SEO skills.


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