ebay seller brainstorming guide to writing seo friendly product descriptions

A Short Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

brainstorming guide to writing seo friendly product descriptionsWhile this guide may be super short, it provides enough practical advice to help you easily create SEO friendly product descriptions that hit the mark. Because buyers are in a hurry, your words have to quickly get their attention.

Direct it to your target audience

Sellers sell more when they have a buyer persona. This makes it easier for them to understand their customer’s characteristics and motivations.

And so it is important to do the research on your ideal customer and target market. It will be time well spent.

That’s because knowing who your audience is and what they want is fundamental to writing effective SEO friendly product descriptions.

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Focus on how your product solves their problem

You connect emotionally with buyers by answering their “what’s in it for me?” question. It’s your job to point out the benefits and be convincing at the same time.

Only then can they feel the value, for them personally.

When you provide relevant details in your SEO friendly product descriptions, and promote benefits and value, buyers can get a better understanding of the product and whether it meets their needs.

Pay attention to your words and text

Never EVER copy a manufacturer’s blurb. It’s useless for SEO purposes and about as uninspiring as it comes. Plus you may risk plagiarism issues.

Moreover, all of your product descriptions must be unique and in your own words. And it’s always important to inject some life into your writing, like you’re speaking with a friend. This helps a customer connect with your brand.woman typing SEO friendly product descriptions

Additionally, if you want your target audience to find you, you’ll need to add some “long tail” keywords to your descriptions.

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Long tail keywords are the descriptive phrases your target buyer uses when searching for something online. This means if your product description is a good match for their search, it will show up near the top of the search page.

In short, by keeping the needs of your audience and the demands of the search engine front and center, you ensure that your SEO friendly product descriptions will consistently hit their mark.






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