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Writing Down & Acting On Business Goals

writing business goalsFor a brief moment you had clarity. Right? Then poof, it was gone. And it took with it any bit of motivation and inspiration, only to be replaced by clouds of doubt and confusion. Major obstacles, to be sure.

But why had it all sounded so good on paper?

Maybe you’re not sure what to do next or if the goal is even that realistic to begin with. And it feels it’s like back to square one. I know.

I find myself fighting this kind of uncertainty more often than I’d like to admit. But luckily, it’s made me kind of an expert on how to really know what I want — and, even more importantly — how to achieve it in a way that works with WHO I AM. This can work for you too. Here’s how:

Get Real

Are you truly serious in your desire to achieve your business goals? If so, and before anything else, you have to make two promises to yourself. These may take some time and some thought. But it will be time well spent.

The first promise is to be willing to accept uncertainty as normal. Yup, that’s right. Turns out that nagging uncertainty we so often feel is not always a bad thing; and that it can, in fact, build character.

The second promise is to understand that how you approach your work or your goals must be in sync with who you are on a soul level. Once you feel this connection, you’ll know how to move forward.

Character gives us the conviction to stay on our path; while, at the same time, intuition helps us understand how our inner nature works. Both give us a sense of who we are.

Get Excited

This might seem obvious, but think about it….Are you going to be serious about achieving a goal that leaves you feeling lukewarm? Or worse, bored?

Don’t confuse these kind of ho-hum emotions with uncertainty though.  Uncertainty is different. Why? Because it offers exciting possibilities.

When we focus on the process, and not the event, it is easier to feel excited. Plus, it teaches us to stop trying to control the uncontrollable and learn to accept things as they come. But that’s not all.

“Another reason to embrace uncertainty is that when we are uncomfortable, we are our most creative,” says master life coach and author Sharon Pope. She explains that, “it’s really only when we get outside of our comfort zone that we begin looking for alternative options and unique perspectives.”

Now that’s something to get excited by.

Get Motivated

A teacher once taught me that the most effective way to get motivated for any project was to break it down into bite-size steps. Otherwise, it will feel too overwhelming or intimidating and will quickly cause us to lose focus.

This made a lot of sense to me. But I’ll never forget what she said next.

“Do only one or two things every day to address your aspiration.”

Boom. I suddenly realized that I didn’t have to break my back to get things done. Instead of haphazardly approaching a goal and trying to do it all at once, I could break it down and focus on one small task at a time. And do each one to the best of my ability.

Having small, doable mini goals gives us a sense of successfully creating clearly-marked stepping stones which can eventually lead us, one stone at a time, towards achievement. This can be just the motivation and inspiration we need to complete each new stone on the path.

And the perseverance to see it through.

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