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ecommerce choices to make

Why Your Ecommerce Site is Such an Essential Marketing Tool

An ecommerce site gives you the opportunity to creatively showcase…
Bigcommerce plant growth

Grow Your Business with Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing has multi-level benefits. From a business…
eBay store products 2

Using The Right Sales Format For Your eBay Products

  How do you list your eBay products? Auction or Buy…
customer service always smile

The #1 Not-So-Secret Secret to Boosting Online Sales

Your online sales are directly affected by the quality of customer…

Why Your About Me Page is Key to Your eBay Success

    Your About Me page is no less significant…
Seller Agreement and Terms

How an eBay Consignment Agreement Can Help Business

A well-written eBay consignment agreement protects your interests. …
inventory checklist clipboard

4 Secrets to Effective eBay Inventory Management

Poor eBay inventory management can contribute to losses and business…
Forecasting the future - too much detail

Why Sales Forecasting is Not as Scary as It Seems

Does the thought of sales forecasting make you cringe? If so,…
one red eBay Seller stands out in a crowd

Create a Positioning Strategy for Your eBay Product Line

Is your eBay product line different from the competition? How…
Shopify Brand

The Secret to Identifying Your Store’s Brand Image

A brand is based on your customer’s thoughts and feelings,…
target customer eBay seller

Who Exactly is an eBay Seller’s Target Customer?

Ask any seasoned eBay seller if knowing your target customer…
eBay business name

How to Nail the Right Name for Your Online Store

What’s in a name? As it turns out, just about everything that…
eBay business personality

Do You Know Your eBay Business Personality?

Your eBay business personality affects customers on an emotional…
eBay Shopify vision

Craft a Clear Vision Statement for Your Company

Writing a compelling vision statement for your company can be…

Create an Elevator Pitch that Consistently Attracts Customers

It’s the ten-million dollar question you hear countless times,…

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