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tips to help small online stores manage product returns ebay seller

5 Tips to Help Online Stores Manage Product Returns

How sellers manage product returns is crucial to their online…
toolbox to build an online brand that lasts ebay seller

Here’s How to Build an Online Brand That Lasts

To build an online brand with staying power, it needs to…
secrets of successful business blog writers ebay seller

Top Secrets of Successful Business Blog Writers

Did you know that even seasoned business blog writers rely on…
attract the perfect customer in 3 steps ebay seller

How to Attract the Perfect Customer in 3 Clear-Cut Steps

If you want to attract the perfect customer you have to understand…
useful hacks for managing ecommerce shipping ebay seller

4 Useful Hacks for Managing Ecommerce Shipping

Without a doubt, managing ecommerce shipping can be a burdensome…
call to action strategies you hadn't considered ebay seller

3 Call-to-Action Strategies You Hadn’t Considered

The right call-to-action strategies can help boost response rates.…
ebay seller brainstorming guide to writing seo friendly product descriptions

A Short Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

While this guide may be super short, it provides enough practical…
what sellers get wrong about online buying behavior ebay seller

What Sellers Get Wrong About Online Buying Behavior

A customer’s online buying behavior is subjective. It can be…
ebay marketing tips to draw customers in ebay seller

3 EBay Marketing Tips That Will Draw Customers In

The most effective eBay marketing tips make it easier for eBay…
ebay seller

The #1 Time Managing Hack for Ecommerce Success

For most businesses, time is a valued and finite resource. So…
sourcing bargain inventory image of estate sale ebay seller

8 Practical Ways of Sourcing Bargain Inventory for Your Store

Ideally, you should already have a steady and reliable source…
product display example change your store's products ebay seller

What Would Happen If You Change Your Store’s Products?

Wanting to change your store’s products means bringing in newer…
ebay seller

5 Ways to Create a Value Proposition for Your E-Store

Your unique value proposition (or UVP) is a summary of why…
pros and cons of offline marketing for eBay sellers

Pros and Cons of Offline Marketing for eBay Sellers

Whether focused on online or offline marketing, eBay sellers…
questions to ask about managing products across channels

3 Questions to Ask About Managing Products Across Channels

The process of organizing, integrating, and automating inventory…
organization chart

How to: Category/Product Organization for Bigcommerce, etc. Store

Our customers frequently ask - how do I organize my eBay (or…
Common Q&A for Etsy and eBay Sync ebay seller

Common Etsy Questions for eBay Etsy Sync

We wanted to compile some of the top questions and answers we…
eBay Integrations ebay seller
Basics of eBay online integration

What We Do - eBay and Amazon Integration with online stores

In a barrage of recent questions, the most common question seems…
Amazon Logo ebay seller

Development Update: Amazon Import to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Etsy Coming Soon

10/28/16 - We've been getting contact requests for an ETA on…
Quarter 2 2016 Financials ebay seller

Amazon and other E-Commerce Platform Financials Round-Up - Q2 2016

Our customers rely on various e-commerce platforms to run their…
Auto Run options for esa Product Manager ebay seller

Multi-Channel eBay sellers - API & Incomplete EndItem

Incomplete EndItem - An Unsolvable Problem With eBay's API This…
Conversion of eBay Template ebay seller

Conquering eBay Template Issues When Importing

What Are eBay Templates? eBay Templates are provided by companies…
Marbles ebay seller

Multi-channel platform Shopify hits 250,000 stores

Just a quick note. Back in April 2014, the Shopify newsletter…
Lady thinking up ideas to improve productivity ebay seller

The Right Approach to online Multi-channel Selling

Starting a few years ago, it occurred to me (and a few 10's of…

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