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pigs on scale beneifits of offering customers free shipping

Is Offering Customers Free Shipping Really Worth It?

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more…
woman at thrift store to source sellable products

How to Source Sellable Products from a Thrift Store

Purchasing items from a thrift shop with the intent to resell…
man ponders questionsso he can open an eBusiness

The #1 Question to Ask Before You Open An eBusiness

There are scads of questions to ponder when you want to open…
tired worker one of many busy online sellers

4 Time Management Tips for Busy Online Sellers

I bet you barely have time to read this article . . . right?…
business owner with customers building an ecommerce brand

3 Must Read Articles on Building an Ecommerce Brand

The reason I like to post on this topic is because of its importance:…
woven baskeys for selling handmade products

6 Useful Hacks for Selling Handmade Products Online

Selling handmade products online doesn’t offer customers the…
open door to sunlight is akin to brand authenticity

Why Brand Authenticity Should Be Your Main Focus

Authenticity is being true to one's own own personality and spirit.…
positive customer reviews thought bubbles EBAY SELLER

Want to Get More Positive Customer Reviews? Here’s How

Increasing the number of positive customer reviews on your site,…
FAQs graphic about multichannel selling

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Multichannel Selling

In its simplest form, multichannel selling refers to selling…
Woman at computer learning to set up an ecommerce blog

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Blog (In 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps)

It takes time combined with some creative energy to set up an…
group of people charting low cost marketing tactics

Here Are 6 Low Cost Marketing Tactics You Can Start Using Today

It’s important to remember that marketing costs are defined…
facts about inventory management animated checklist, boxes, and records

4 Fast Facts about Inventory Management You Need to Know

Inventory is anything you purchase for the purpose of selling.…
animated picture selling on eBay products being ordered and added to shopping basket

3 Easy and Effective Tips for Successfully Selling on eBay

There are, to be sure, a ton of detailed articles out there on…
plan a shipping strategy represented by globe surrounded by boxes

Plan a Shipping Strategy Both You and Your Customers Will Love!

Figuring out a solution to this dilemma is a challenge, that’s…
adding brand personality with colorful ribbons, gifts, cards, etc

The Key Benefits of Adding Brand Personality to Your Store

Adding brand personality to your store helps you stand out from…

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