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Import eBay Listings into Bigcommerce

As stated, internet sellers rely on various e-commerce platforms to run their business. Among those is Bigcommerce, who hails from Austin, Texas.  Bigcommerce stores offer the most extensive features for customization and a robust API to support applications such as esa Product Manager, which is the App you use to Import eBay Listings into Bigcommerce.  To […]

Import eBay to Etsy, Part 2

Now, we continue this article set of Import eBay to Etsy, which started in Part 1 here: http://www.esaproductmanager.com/import-ebay-etsy-part-1/ Import your eBay Template into Etsy (Step 3) Step 3 is always the most difficult for Import eBay to Etsy cases, especially with complex eBay templates. Etsy does not support any HTML in the description field. Therefore, we […]

Importing eBay into Shopify, How To:

As always, the question is, how do I get an eBay Import into Shopify? It’s actually a very straight forward process: Installation: eBay Import into Shopify The first step is to go here: http://www.esaproductmanager.com/shopify_install.php Type in your Shopify store name and press Install for Shopify.  Don’t have a Shopify store? Sign up here: https://www.shopify.com/. You have to […]

Import eBay listings to Etsy, Part 1

To get started NOW and skip the article – just click here   As always, the question is, how do I import eBay listings to Etsy? It’s a Step by Step Process, which we summarize here: Import eBay listings to Etsy: Selection of Product Organization (Step 1) Seems like this simple step is also the […]

E-Commerce, A Free eBay Import to Shopify

Our customers rely on various e-commerce platforms to run their business. From a technical perspective, the best performing API in our opinion is Shopify without question. The up-time makes it also the most competitive platform for us, as the Shopify eBay Importer is a direct competitor. We are now matching that free import and even […]

Common Etsy Questions for eBay Etsy Sync

We wanted to compile some of the top questions and answers we receive from Etsy users. Some of these questions and answers will also apply to our Shopify and Bigcommerce users! I just signed up for Etsy. Where are my items? I’m glad you asked! The eBay Etsy sync runs automatically just a few minutes […]