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Development Update: Amazon Import to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Etsy Coming Soon

10/28/16 – We’ve been getting contact requests for an ETA on the Amazon connection, but we’re still focusing on improving our current channels based on customer feedback and immediate needs. We’ll provide another update soon. 12/10/2016 Update. Amazon Import to Shopify, Bigcommerce, Etsy  is in full swing. Hopefully, beta later this month. We receive a lot […]

Multi-Channel eBay sellers – API & Incomplete EndItem

Incomplete EndItem – An Unsolvable Problem With eBay’s API This affects all multi-channel eBay sellers. For years we’ve had customers complain about this problem and, unfortunate, there is no technical solution at this time. As a long-time designer and builder of advanced automation products, it’s always been my goal to remove as much manual effort […]

Conquering eBay Template Issues When Importing

What Are eBay Templates? eBay Templates are provided by companies like Inkfrog and Activa to format the description of your eBay Listing (refer to the picture). This helps format your listings and make them look more professional. How Does esa Product Manager Handle eBay Templates? This is one of the top questions we receive from eBay […]

Multi-channel platform Shopify hits 250,000 stores

Just a quick note. Back in April 2014, the Shopify newsletter announced that Shopify had reached 100,000 stores. As of this month emails from Shopify are claiming to have reached the 250,000 level. That is nearly a 58% annual growth rate, simply spectacular. How much of this comes from Multi-channel Shopify sellers from eBay is […]