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How Much Do You Know About Your Brand’s Image? Find Out By Answering These 3 Thought-Provoking Questions

The essence of your brand’s image is found in a prospect’s perception of it. In other words, it’s about how your brand makes them feel on a subtle level. Moreover, how they respond is the result of something that goes beyond fancy logos, bold colors and persuasive enticements. Rather, it’s about authentic connection. So it’s […]

Which Is Better: Free Shipping or Lower Pricing?

If you’re trying to decide between offering your customers free shipping or lower pricing, know that making the wrong decision can not only have a negative impact on your bottom line, but on your quality of service too. Free shipping Offering free shipping increases conversion rates. The obvious reason is that it makes customers more […]

5 Tips to Help Online Stores Manage Product Returns

How sellers manage product returns is crucial to their online store’s success. The reason is simple. Done effectively, it creates happy buyers—and this leads to positive word-of-mouth referrals, increased sales, and improved customer loyalty. Here are some basic tips that can help your online store: #1 Offer a customer-friendly return policy The bottom line is […]

Here’s How to Build an Online Brand That Lasts

To build an online brand with staying power, it needs to be constructed on a solid foundation—just like a business. Otherwise, neither will succeed. The Key Benefits of Adding Brand Personality to Your Store Likewise, your brand is a direct reflection of your business reputation, regardless of whether or not you’ve given it any serious […]

Top Secrets of Successful Business Blog Writers

Did you know that even seasoned business blog writers rely on the basics to generate reader interest? They do, and it is to their benefit. And it can be to yours, too. While these specific practices may not be “secrets,” per se, they are often ignored or overlooked. Therefore the real secret to success lies […]

4 Useful Hacks for Managing Ecommerce Shipping

Without a doubt, managing ecommerce shipping can be a burdensome task. However, there are some essential strategies you can incorporate that give you a solid foundation. Define what you want to accomplish A well-thought-out shipping strategy is crucial for ecommerce success. And it starts with defining your goals. Do you want to increase conversions? Decrease […]

3 Call to Action Strategies You Hadn’t Considered

The right call to action strategies can help boost response rates. Although sales can decline for many reasons, two main causes are a hard-to-navigate ecommerce site and a lack of clarity about customer procedures. Consequently, visitors usually will not stay long. Or, worse, they may do some shopping but then abandon their carts before checkout—simply […]