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What Sellers Get Wrong About Online Buying Behavior

A customer’s online buying behavior is subjective. It can be controlled by external factors such as demographics, culture, and marketing. Or, it can be based on personal traits and behaviors, including attitudes, perceptions, and motivation. Mostly it’s a combination of factors. Yet there is something even more fundamental that drives customers’ online buying behavior. And […]

3 EBay Marketing Tips That Will Draw Customers In

The most effective eBay marketing tips make it easier for eBay sellers to promote their products while also increasing their potential for visibility. Tip 1: Optimize Titles by Adding Keywords It goes without saying that an eBay seller’s main goal is to get to the top of search and be seen. One way to get […]

The #1 Time Managing Hack for Ecommerce Success

For most businesses, time is a valued and finite resource. So it’s safe to say that in order for a time managing hack to be effective, it has to be authentic. This means understanding deep down that time “hacks” are not just about easing a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. More importantly, they are useful […]

What Would Happen If You Change Your Store’s Products?

Wanting to change your store’s products means bringing in newer versions of an existing product, upgrading existing products, or introducing completely new products. Whatever the case, the prospect of improving or changing products can be a bit scary at first. But just like anytime you’re experimenting with doing something different, there’s also an added element […]

The 4 Key Benefits of Using Multichannel Listing Software

With multichannel listing software, you’ll be able to automate and streamline your listings, which keeps you in control of the processes. As a result, you can spread your reach. Conversely, if you’re selling on just one channel, you’ll only reach a small percentage of your potential market. Here are some noteworthy ways that multichannel listing […]

Pros and Cons of Offline Marketing for eBay Sellers Keeping in mind that what may work for one seller may not for another

Whether focused on online or offline marketing, eBay sellers can use both as opportunities to bring brand awareness to their potential customers. Consequently, either approach can be effective in generating leads and sales for an eBay business. But which way is better? Both approaches have their ups and downs, to be sure. Still, most people […]

What Your Online Sales Strategy Says to Potential Buyers And how to make sure it is a positive message that influences them to buy!

An online sales strategy is an ecommerce store’s plan for generating sales and closing deals. Generally speaking, the research involved in its creation and implementation is closely intertwined with an online business’s overall planning. The first thing to remember is that a customer-oriented focus should be at the heart of any business planning. Thus if […]