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What You Need to Know About Using SEO Keywords to Sell

Remember the old acronym, GIGO? Well, it also applies to faulty keyword usage in the sense that the wrong keywords will produce the wrong results. So you might target the wrong demographic by mistake or otherwise miss your mark. Related: 3 Strategies to Supercharge Your Online Product Descriptions Using the right SEO keywords to sell […]

4 Tips to Writing An Ecommerce Blog that Gets Read

Writing an ecommerce blog allows you to tell stories and share pertinent information with your target audience. What’s more is that it can help drive sales. So this makes it a powerful marketing platform. But in order to increase the chance of engagement, your blog should be easy to read and feel personal. At the […]

Is Offering Customers Free Shipping Really Worth It?

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.” – Nelson Boswell Successful online sellers exceed customer expectations in many ways: from delivering brand trustworthiness and promoting product benefits to providing exceptional, first-rate customer service and dependability—plus everything in between. Including a shipping strategy. Related: Plan a Shipping […]

How to Source Sellable Products from a Thrift Store A few basic tips to help you find profitable used merchandise

Purchasing items from a thrift shop with the intent to resell them is known as thrift store flipping—and it’s a great way to source sellable products for your store. It’s important to point out here that you should already have researched your target customer and, as a result, have an understanding of their wants and […]

3 Must Read Articles on Building an Ecommerce Brand

The reason I like to post on this topic is because of its importance: Namely, that creating a brand identity is essential to business success, particularly for an online store. Building an ecommerce brand that reflects personality allows you to set yourself apart in a memorable way. That is to say, as your brand becomes […]