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6 Useful Hacks for Selling Handmade Products Online

Selling handmade products online doesn’t offer customers the same sensory experience as it would in person. Still, there are a number of ways you can create an aesthetic experience online that is pleasing and can entice customers into making a purchase. #1 Take Good, Honest Pictures Crisp, well lit, and exact product images set the […]

Why Brand Authenticity Should Be Your Main Focus

Authenticity is being true to one’s own own personality and spirit. And so, by extension, brand authenticity is a reflection of one’s true self within the customer’s perception of their company, service, or product. That is to say, as founder of your business you are the brand. In fact, this is precisely what gives you […]

Want to Get More Positive Customer Reviews? Here’s How

Increasing the number of positive customer reviews on your site, or on a third party review site, can be an effective way to promote your business online. That’s because the more you have, the more it improves your rankings in Google’s organic search results, especially when combined with an overall SEO strategy. Respond to Positive […]

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Multichannel Selling

In its simplest form, multichannel selling refers to selling your products on multiple sites. But it can also refer to selling both online and off, for example, a website in conjunction with a brick and mortar store. For the purpose of this article, though, I’m going to focus on ecommerce channels. About Channels and Platforms […]

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Blog (In 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps)

It takes time combined with some creative energy to set up an ecommerce blog that attracts new customers. However, that’s the easy part. The hard part is maintaining a commitment to publishing valuable content while also understanding the importance of patience. In other words, although a well written blog can create a direct connection to […]