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5 Fast Facts About Selling Products on eBay

The idea of selling products on eBay may not always match the day-to-day reality. For example, there’s often too much focus on finding a product with profit potential and not enough on other aspects of the business. And while product planning is indeed important, even more important is having a high-quality service customers can rely […]

What Inventory Management App is Right for Your eStore?

  From managing stock for a single ecommerce store, to integrating products across multichannel platforms, in real time, to tracking orders, shipping, and reorders, it seems there’s an inventory management app for everyone’s eStore needs. The key here, of course, is in knowing exactly what you want the software to achieve in the long run. […]

6 Quick Tips to Help You Market Your Ecommerce Store

There are tons of ways you can market your ecommerce store. But, in reality, many of them can be time consuming, impractical, or require an extensive learning curve. That said, you can still create an effective marketing strategy for your ecommerce website with these core tips: Tip 1: Be transparent about your store’s processes Customers […]

4 Considerations When Thinking About What to Sell Online

This post won’t tell you what to sell online. If that’s what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of information on the web that can give you suggestions and get you thinking. But ultimately each seller has to figure out their product strategy for themselves, based on their own personal interests, business goals, and target market. […]

3 Types of Online Shopping Habits to Be Familiar With

Ecommerce has changed the way we do business, affecting online shopping habits and overall buying behavior. Consequently, online sellers need to be able to adapt to ever-changing customer expectations to stay competitive. Ecommerce has changed the way we do business, affecting online shopping habits and overall buying behavior. Consequently, online sellers need to be able […]

4 Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Your Store’s Brand

A key way to promote your store’s brand is to incorporate awareness of it into every aspect of your business. It works by creating a holistic and positive perception of your business in the customer’s mind. And, fortunately, you don’t need a large budget to achieve this end. Here are some important strategies: Optimal customer […]

How to Troubleshoot Shipping Issues in 4 Basic Steps

Every online seller has to deal with shipping issues from time to time, and some problems can be more challenging to fix than others. Still, there are some basic steps you can take to make troubleshooting any shipping-related issue a little easier. Step 1: Focus on fulfillment Step one is about mindset. It’s your approach […]

3 Fundamentals of Managing Multi-Store Inventory

The amount of information out there on managing multi-store inventory is enough to make a reader’s head spin. And it’s especially true for eBay sellers new to multi-channel selling, since the info overload can make it difficult to even know where to start. A good place, though, would be to get an understanding of the […]