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How an eBay Consignment Agreement Can Help Business

A well-written eBay consignment agreement protects your interests.  When you sell items for others, it is important to have everything spelled out in writing. That way, there can be no disagreements later over terms and details. Of course, an effective eBay consignment agreement also looks out for your clients’ interests. This means you want to […]

4 Secrets to Effective eBay Inventory Management

Poor eBay inventory management can contribute to losses and business failures. In fact, even some of the most well-meaning business owners find inventory management to be a complicated task. But it needn’t be. No matter how many channels you sell through. Maybe you import your eBay listings to online stores like Etsy, Bigcommerce or Shopify. […]

Why Sales Forecasting is Not as Scary as It Seems

Does the thought of sales forecasting make you cringe? If so, you’re not alone. In my research, I found that many business owners and even some marketing professionals shy away from tackling sales projections. It can’t be for lack of information. There are plenty of websites that can teach us how to develop market research […]

Create a Positioning Strategy for Your eBay Product Line

Is your eBay product line different from the competition? How so? Where do you fit into the market? Do you know? Remember, your market includes eBay buyers who might also be shopping on Etsy, Shopify, or Bigcommerce. But it’s understandable if you haven’t given this much thought. Because, after all, it’s not an easy endeavor. […]

Who Exactly is an eBay Seller’s Target Customer?

Ask any seasoned eBay seller if knowing your target customer is important, and you’ll (hopefully) get the same answer: If you are selling to everyone, then you are selling to no one. This sage advice, of course, is applicable to any small business: whether it be online stores through eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, or Etsy; or […]

How to Nail the Right Name for Your Online Store

What’s in a name? As it turns out, just about everything that matters. In fact, if you get the name of your online store right, you’ll reap very real business benefits. The right name gives your online store a targeted market focus right out of the gate, while providing a solid foundation for a strong […]

Do You Know Your eBay Business Personality?

Your eBay business personality affects customers on an emotional level and therefore should be developed to reflect their needs. In fact, personality is the foundation of any successful branding strategy so you should take the time to get it right. It’s not hard, because you just have to be yourself. At the same time, however, […]

Craft a Clear Vision Statement for Your Company

Writing a compelling vision statement for your company can be an easy task. That’s because most entrepreneurs don’t start a business without some kind of vision in mind, beyond the obvious one to make money. On the other hand, seeing and articulating a clear vision for your company can be one of the most difficult […]