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Strengthen Your eBay Business: 7 Concrete Ideas

Cracks in the structure of a building are sometimes visible; but often are hidden and can only be seen with a closer look. Either way, the solution will require a bit of repair work which can be pricey. Yet, it is necessary to support the overall strength of the building. Fortunately for us, finding and repairing […]

Writing Down & Acting On Business Goals

For a brief moment you had clarity. Right? Then poof, it was gone. And it took with it any bit of motivation and inspiration, only to be replaced by clouds of doubt and confusion. Major obstacles, to be sure. But why had it all sounded so good on paper? Maybe you’re not sure what to […]

Ask Your eBay Business: Why? So What? Who Cares?

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom that comes with having our own eBay business No boss. No set hours. No rules. The worst thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom that comes with having our own business: No game plan. No strategy. No profit. Being self employed can sometimes feel […]

In a Business Rut? Here’s How to Plot Your Way Forward to eBay multi-channel selling

Is your eBay business struggling, or, well, just plain unexciting? Do you find it difficult to maintain a long-term vision of business success? Are you feeling frustrated or at a loss for direction? What about eBay multi-channel selling? Well don’t worry, because you’re not alone. And while everyone has their own approach for getting out of […]

3 Very Sneaky Ways the TPP Agreement Threatens Online Rights

This post contains timely information that all internet users need to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its effect on our online rights. The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is a nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Their website states that they champion; user privacy free expression and innovation through impact litigation […]