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Is It Really Worth It to Blog About Your Business?

In a word, yes! That’s because writing a blog about your business can be an effective marketing strategy. And one that’s in stark contrast to most outbound advertising. The truth is that prospective buyers can be turned off by in-your-face selling. Publishing a blog, on the other hand, is a way of sharing helpful information […]

3 Reasons Your Competitors are Selling More Than You

If a seller’s competitors are selling more than they are, there could be various explanations. At the same time, though, there are some common root causes. And they usually boil down to not knowing the target niche or understanding the competition. You can’t get out of your own way The lost business is understandably maddening. […]

4 Ideas to Supercharge Your Online Customer Strategy

Maybe you already have an effective online customer strategy but feel it needs some updating or rethinking. Or perhaps you’re still in the setting-up stages of your business. Whatever the case, here are four ways to ensure you’re delivering quality customer service that customers are sure to notice: 1. See from their point of view […]

3 Ways to Get Motivated to Open an Online Store

Have you ever wanted to open an online store but then, in the middle of your initial enthusiasm, suddenly felt uncertainty? Perhaps the whole thing seemed a little daunting, or maybe you felt it wasn’t worth your available time or energy. Whatever the case, you gave up on the idea. To help motivate you to […]

Which Product Shipping Strategy Is Right for Your Store?

Since processes can vary depending on the business, what’s right for one store may not be for another. However when it comes to planning a competitive product shipping strategy, there’s one thing all business owners want. And that is a strategy that cuts into their margins as little as possible yet remains attractive to customers. […]

The Best Way to Respond to Negative Reviews

How you respond to negative reviews from customers not only affects your store’s image, but also its bottom line. If you ignore the complaint, or are negative back, you’ll lose their business forever. And this, in turn, will make other customers wary of doing business with you. That’s why it’s important to remain polite and […]