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How to Find Topics for Your E-Store Blog

Rather than a generic list of topics for your e-store blog, what you want instead are ways to brainstorm your own ideas from scratch. Doing so can help you avoid the frustrating search for a topic idea every time you want to publish an article. Read Competitor Blogs They could be blogs you wish to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Store Optimization

If you’re new to this topic, the easiest way to jump into online store optimization is by first taking the time to understand, analyze, and apply the basics. Sounds obvious, but without a solid starting point, honing additional SEO skills will be much more difficult. To that end, here are three key areas you should […]

3 Creative Ideas for Competing With Competitors’ Prices

Formulating a way of competing with competitors’ prices doesn’t have to mean engaging in price wars or lowering your prices. Instead, it can be viewed as a fantastic opportunity to position your business apart from the competition. Offer exceptional value and customer service Customers expect appropriate value for the price they are paying. Moreover, they […]


EBay sellers managing product listings in real time can quickly feel overwhelmed if they’re not using the right software, or worse, any software at all. And this is where major mistakes and loss of revenue can occur as a result. Therefore, if you’re currently having difficulty tracking listings, sales, cancellations, and restocks for one online […]

How to Use Keywords in an eBay Product Description

Having the right keywords in an eBay product description is important because it helps your buyer decide if it is the item they want. That’s because keywords, at their essence, are based on a customer’s thinking as they’re searching for something online. Search engines such as eBay’s Cassini, and others, see keyword usage as a […]

3 Practical Steps to Identify Your Store’s Target Buyer

Identifying your store’s target buyer is critical to your business success, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult or tedious task. Instead, with a little acumen and common sense, you can easily implement a strategy to clearly define who they are. #1 Learn your product’s features and benefits You can’t accurately profile your store’s […]

6 Foolproof Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

If you want to improve your online store’s bottom line, then focus on ways to increase customer loyalty. The reason to do this is because it’s more cost effective than chasing after new customers. And easier and less time-consuming too! With this in mind, here are six simple ideas that can help you increase customer […]

How Much Do You Know About Your Brand’s Image? Find Out By Answering These 3 Thought-Provoking Questions

The essence of your brand’s image is found in a prospect’s perception of it. In other words, it’s about how your brand makes them feel on a subtle level. Moreover, how they respond is the result of something that goes beyond fancy logos, bold colors and persuasive enticements. Rather, it’s about authentic connection. So it’s […]