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6 Things to Do Before Going Multichannel

For eBay sellers tired of selling on just one channel, going multichannel is a great way to grow visibility and reach. But it doesn’t happen overnight, or without proper planning. It’s all about strategy It’s crucial for soon-to-be multichannel sellers to plan strategies that will help them do business and maintain consistency across channels. Here […]

The Anatomy of an Effective Customer Service Plan

At the heart of a good customer service plan is a business’s understanding of their target market. This insight helps them focus their planning on taking care of the needs of their particular customers. Here are four key components of effecting such a plan: Define what your business means by “customer service” A good place […]

4 Underrated eStore Branding Strategies That Work

Online sellers often overlook some basic eStore branding strategies in their planning. This could be for many reasons. Perhaps one of the biggest is assuming they’ve got it covered elsewhere . . . and then not giving it much more thought. But if they did, they’d come to appreciate how critical these underrated (yet well […]

5 Practical Ideas for Your Customer Loyalty Programs

At the heart of all successful customer loyalty programs is a commitment to keep the customer happy. Business owners can achieve this objective by including customer incentives in their overall marketing strategy. 1) Reward regular customers Boost sales and garner loyalty by offering exclusive perks to customers who make additional purchases. What to offer them […]

The 3 Key Benefits of Inventory Syncing Software

Multichannel inventory syncing software streamlines a store’s operations and provides the seller with an accurate view of the bigger picture. With the ability to manage this data from one location, sellers can, as a result, avoid losing money from overselling or underselling. Imports inventory from eBay to other sites An app like Esa Product Manager […]

The Worst Advice You Can Hear on Managing an eStore

Mistakes happen and it’s okay. Even when managing an eStore. It’s what we learn from our mistakes that help us see things more clearly and plan accordingly going forward. So even when it seems we’re “failing,” we’re still making progress. But sometimes mistakes can unintentionally be construed into not-so-well-thought-out advice. Moreover, if taken, bad advice […]

5 Questions to Ask About Multi Channel Selling

You probably know that multi channel selling is a great way to bring in extra traffic, customers, and orders. And maybe you’re anxious to get started. But before you do, or even if you’re currently selling on multi channels, it’s important to consider some underlying practicalities. 1. Should I follow other sellers’ leads and go […]

Writing Item Descriptions: Basics You Need to Know

If you’re writing item descriptions for your online store, it’s best to rely on the basics – and this means having a profound and accurate understanding of your target audience. A Practical Approach To understand your audience, you need to know what makes them tick. You can find out by creating a fictional person, or […]

5 Fast Facts About Selling Products on eBay

The idea of selling products on eBay may not always match the day-to-day reality. For example, there’s often too much focus on finding a product with profit potential and not enough on other aspects of the business. And while product planning is indeed important, even more important is having a high-quality service customers can rely […]