Peanuts character Lucy "the doctor is in" eBay sales advice

The Best eBay Sales Advice You’re (Probably) Not Taking

If someone offers us well-meaning advice, while at the same time being critical of how we manage our business or eBay sales, chances are we will tune them out. And this is especially true when it comes to our own inner critic.

Peanuts character Lucy "the doctor is in" eBay sales adviceWe’ve all been there. That moment when we finally understand what we should have been doing all along. Truth be told, it is what we always knew deep down, but, for whatever reason, never acknowledged.

Problem was that at the time we may not have been ready to hear it, because it was out of our comfort zone or seemed like too much of a hassle or maybe even so simple we didn’t believe it could work.

Nevertheless, we eventually learn that tuning out advice is not always a good idea. And that even our inner critic can one day become a very helpful guide.

If you want to improve your eBay sales, then start by looking at your customer service processes. Analyze how you operate and what an experience with your store is like from a customer’s point of view.

There is an old adage that says the customer is always right. Always. To be sure, this wisdom is even more applicable today.

That is to say that you can stand out from the competition by excelling at customer relations. Moreover, you will keep your customers happy . . . and happy customers turn into loyal customers.

As a result, you will not only see your eBay sales increase, but, also, by doing your job well and focusing on customer service, you will see an increase in positive feedback.

So it’s time to swallow your pride and make it all about the customer. In other words, don’t be right. Be smart instead. It will make your life so much easier – and your eBay store that much more successful.


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