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Top 10 Clues You Need eBay Inventory Management Software

Perhaps you started out small, so you never thought about investing in eBay inventory management software. However, now you find yourself struggling just to keep up with the day-to-day work.aisle of boxes for ebay inventory management

How many of these clues do you recognize?

Clue #10   Running out of stock too often

Customers are left with only two options when you run out of stock on merchandise: they can either request a refund or wait. Unfortunately, if this happens often enough, you’re likely to get negative reviews.

Clue #9     Overselling items (related to #10)

Overselling is a common reason for running out of stock. What happens is that, in effect, you are selling items you don’t have. Yikes.

Clue #8     You’re having serious cash flow problems

Running out of stock and/or overselling will both result in a lack of cash flow. And no business owner needs that headache.

Clue #7     Inventory tracking has become cumbersome

Are you constantly being bombarded by eBay inventory management challenges? If so, you could benefit immensely from an automated system.

Clue #6     You’re noticing more and more mistakes

Mistakes do happen. However, if errors are on the rise it could be the result of an improperly manually-managed inventory.

Clue #5     Being caught off guard by price fluctuations

This is particularly true in an auction-based marketplace where price fluctuations are the norm. But when you automate inventory management, you free up time for due planning.

Clue #4     Missing out on sales (related to #5)

If you’re not aware of your competitors’ lower pricing and better deals, you could be losing revenue. Ouch.

Clue #3     Lack of real time information

The most successful sellers are the ones who monitor and manage their eBay inventory automatically. And thus, they are able to see, in real time, important adjustments that directly affect inventory levels.

Clue #2     You sell on multiple channels

The fact is that if you sell on more than one channel, you need to automate your system now. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Clue #1     You’re still using an Excel spreadsheet

Enough said.

stock clerk counting boxes for ebay inventory management updateIn the long run, implementing an eBay inventory management system will help you to increase sales and put more money in your pocket. And that’s the name of the game. Right?


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