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Common Etsy Questions for eBay Etsy Sync


We wanted to compile some of the top questions and answers we receive from Etsy users. Some of these questions and answers will also apply to our Shopify and Bigcommerce users!

I just signed up for Etsy. Where are my items?

I’m glad you asked! The eBay Etsy sync runs automatically just a few minutes after sign up. Your items are imported into draft. Sign into your Shop then call up the Listings Manager, and Click “Draft”. We have a handy video to watch if you still need help:

I just sold an item on Etsy. Will I need to manually delete or is there a way to set up it to automatically remove if/when quantity reaches zero?

Yes we do remove items on request. Make sure the “Delete Sold Items” option is set on your Sync choices. The importer checks this option every hour for the eBay Etsy sync. This is Step 4 of the Etsy Setup process. If you need to verify your settings, login into Etsy

My account has expired & I want to sign back up. How do I do this?

It’s very easy. Just go to our website at and choose a subscription level. We send an activation code to the email you used to pay with. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder. Click the link provided in the email and enter your activation code here:
Activation Code

The activation code will then guide through the rest of the process involved for Shopify, Bigcommerce and/or Etsy.

Does my current subscription allow for multiple channels?

Yes and No. It depends on the number of eBay items you have. For example, if you have 2,000 items and want to add another channel, the total item count would be 4,000 items. Since you are under the 5,000-item threshold, you could do this without any additional cost. Anything over 2,500 items however, would move you to a higher level subscription.

Do you import to eBay?

Not yet. Our development team is currently working on this feature and expect it to be ready in 2017.

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