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5 Ways to Create a Value Proposition for Your E-Store

create a unique value proposition for your e-store

Your unique value proposition (or UVP) is a summary of why people should buy your products. In other words, it’s the reason they come to you instead of your competitor.

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This means that the strength and quality of a value proposition are what really drives conversion rates. Unfortunately, though, many online stores lack a strong UVP and as a result, are unable to deliver a clear message to their site’s visitors.

But articulating why customers should buy your products doesn’t have to be a difficult task. To that end, here are some simple ideas to help inspire your creativity:

#1 What are the benefits of your product?

This first approach is basically a clear and easy promise of what a product will do for a customer, such as saving time or making a task easier.

Emphasizing the word “you” keeps the message personal and on topic about how your product helps them with something in their lives.

#2 How does this differ from the competitors?

The answer here lies in understanding what makes your product unique. And the best way to do this is to tie it in with the benefit it provides by using differentiators such as speed, high quality, or ability to customize.

In this way, you can point out not only why, but also how your product is superior to the competitors.

#3 Who are you targeting your message to?

Another way you can craft a UVP that stands out is to focus solely on the motivations of your target customer. But first you have to understand their specific needs.

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The most effective way to do this is to hone in on the emotional aspect so they feel you know them and what they want.

#4 Why is this the best choice for consumers?

In this next approach, you can base your unique value proposition on your business model and what makes it better than others in the same niche. Perhaps it’s the excellent customer service you provide or the convenience your customers can expect.

#5 How do I know which approach to use?

Your e-store’s value proposition should ideally be a combination of all of the above approaches. However, you can still formulate an effective UVP by using just one of these ideas, so long as your “summary” speaks directly to your customer.

And this is why having a well-written and concise UVP keeps your selling point front and center.

But the real takeaway here is in knowing your product, because, in the end, site visitors should never have to “figure out” what your store is selling or how it will benefit them.







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