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Create an Online Selling Strategy That Gets Results

online selling strategy white board pie chartIt’s pretty straightforward—that is, if you understand the characteristics of your target customer and what makes them tick—because then you can strategize accordingly. And you’ll save time, because you won’t have to reinvent the wheel for each marketing campaign. Indeed, having an effective online selling strategy helps you increase profits.

But, what’s even more important, is that it sets the tone for building brand recognition.

Hone Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point, or USP, may be focused on quality, affordability, exceptional support, or some combination thereof. Whatever you choose, the one must (well, two musts) are to know your product or service inside-out and know who you are selling to.

Simply put, a well-developed USP has the power to influence whether your customers decide to purchase from you. Or conversely, if it’s not effective, from your competition.

Become Known for Offering Good Deals

Your online selling strategy could include perks like offering product samples, trial services, limited time pricing or free shipping.

In effect, you create incentives to entice potential customers. And this, in turn, brings them one step closer to making a purchase.

But why not take it even a step further?

Start a Rewards for Referrals Program

Not only is this strategy an extension of the previous one, it is also a great way for a business to grow and build its online reputation.

What’s more is that when you can incorporate a rewards program directly into your sales process (in other words, selling customers on the benefits of referral discounts or product credits), you create a self-perpetuating cycle.

That’s because referrals beget repeat business which begets more referrals . . . and on and on.

In the end, whatever your online selling strategy, always include it in all of your marketing pieces, product descriptions, and any other communications. That way, customers begin to recognize your brand and you begin to get results!



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