Create an Elevator Pitch that Consistently Attracts Customers

It’s the ten-million dollar question you hear countless times, yet still have no good answer for: “ Soooo, what do you do?” The problem is if you don’t already have a well-thought-out elevator pitch, your response might be something lame like:

“I am . . . um . . . an online auction seller on Shopify, eBay, and other sites.”


The potential customer has already lost interest and their attention is elsewhere. They may be too polite to say so, but you know they’re bored and don’t care to hear any more. Another lost opportunity. Drats.

We’ve all been there. Tongue-tied. Not sure what to say next.

Okay, so here’s a not-so-well-kept secret that the question above even alludes to. It’s not what you are, it’s what you do.

You ARE an online auction seller. Fine. But what is it that you DO?

This is not an easy question to answer, because you have to get inside your customer’s head and figure out why it is they do business with you.

The reason is usually not because of how great an e-store looks, or if one uses the latest Shopify or eBay importer app such as esa Product Manager to track their inventory. Although these are excellent tools for internal business operations, they don’t speak to a potential customer’s feelings.

Yep. Feelings.

In order to spark interest, you must first identify a problem and then offer a solution.

Why? Because that is how you touch people on an emotional level; you answer their proverbial “What’s in it for me?” question.

To do this, your elevator pitch should be crafted based on two questions:

  • What is a problem that customers may have?
  • What is the solution you can offer?

A well-thought-out elevator pitch focuses on the specifics of the problem you can solve for your customers. But it is more than just a sales pitch; it is you being authentic and confident in what you can do for them.

And that’s when something amazing happens.

Your genuineness and self-confidence will establish trust. And customers will FEEL, on a gut level, that you can help them by solving their problem.

“Soooo, what do you do?”





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