ebay etsy sync changes coming

eBay Etsy Sync changes coming


Etsy is finally addressing some long needed updates to their API (Application programming Interface). With these changes,  our eBay Etsy Sync process will need to be updated. Below is a list of changes we have been informed are occurring:

eBay Etsy Sync: Inventory And Price changes to the API

The current API calls will be depreciated. Right now, both these fields are directly connected to the product, but now the process will be different. It is unclear why Etsy is doing this. One customer has mentioned that multiple quantity sync may not always update properly under the current scheme. If so, these new calls will, hopefully, resolve anything here.

eBay Etsy Sync: Variations expanded

Finally, Etsy is allowing more than two variations per product.  This is a major leap forward. It will be exciting to implement this, although the scope is not clear from the documents. Rather, testing will shed further light on this.

eBay Etsy Sync: Product Identifier added

The documentation admits what this really is – a SKU field! Previously we’ve been forced to place the SKU into the Materials field, a major drawback.  More or less, Etsy has decided that products sharing the same SKU get updated together. It’s an open question and we’ve asked for clarification.

eBay Etsy Sync: Structured Data is being added

On eBay we would call this “Item Specifics”, although it looks pretty limited right now.  Etsy is adding it so buyers can more effectively search for items. It’s unclear how much we’ll be able to transfer over in Item Specifics, as these may be generic fields?  It’s an open question and we’ve asked for clarification.

Testing will be key:

Of course, our opinions can change quickly as things develop and we test these new API calls.


eBay to Etsy Sync puzzledProbably good, but a lot of real work is ahead. Etsy expects to roll these out around February 1st, 2017, but we probably will need longer than that to be ready.

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eBay Etsy Sync

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