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Importing eBay into Shopify, How To:


As always, the question is, how do I get an eBay Import into Shopify? It’s actually a very straight forward process:

Installation: eBay Import into Shopify

The first step is to go here: http://www.esaproductmanager.com/shopify_install.php


Type in your Shopify store name and press Install for Shopify.  Don’t have a Shopify store? Sign up here: https://www.shopify.com/. You have to remember the store name that you use with them. They always end with “.myshopify.com” as it’s self-hosted. Later, you can buy your own customized domain name, but you’ll always be able to access your store with the “,myshopify.com” name as well.


Accept the App

This prompt will appear:



A review of this prompt shows you what it is for. Obviously, the app needs to create and modify products and variants to import your eBay listings into Shopify. Collections are optional and controllable through esa Product Manager. So this is the confirmation process that you understand what the Application is doing in your store. An alternative process is that if you aren’t signed into Shopify yet, they will first want you to login to verify you are the store owner before installing any software.

To proceed, you would press the Install app button.


Free eBay Import into Shopify

Once you’ve installed the App into your Shopify store, the App will open automatically and display the menu.

free-ebay-import-for-shopifyFree or Paid Menu

The user is presented with a choice of the free eBay import into Shopify or look at our Paid features. In this case, we are going to choose the Free version and see where that leads us.  So press the Free Import button.

First time users are must now tell us how many eBay accounts to authorize (screen not shown).  Choose at least one, and the Proceed button.



eBay Import into Shopify: Authorize eBay

Sign into eBay and authorize access for each account. A link to our terms and conditions is provided when you authorize access.






In conclusion, your eBay import will now begin! Consequently let us know how you feel in the comments below.

eBay Import into Shopify

In addition, Shopify + ebay sync

eBay Import into Shopify

In addition, Shopify + ebay sync

eBay Import into Shopify

In addition, Shopify + ebay sync

eBay Import into Shopify


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