notable effects brand personality has on customers

3 Notable Effects a (Good) Brand Personality Has On Customers

notable effects brand personality has on customersNot only does a well-thought-out brand personality invite customers to linger while shopping, it also makes them more likely to return again and again. Here’s why:

It makes them comfortable

In many ways, a memorable brand is like an old friend–both offer comfortable experiences based on solid foundations. Another way of saying this would be that their personalities simply click.

Likewise, when a company’s brand personality focuses on creating personalized connections with customers, it demonstrates appreciation for their business while also exuding confidence through the user experience.

At the same time, though, you need to make sure customers understand what your brand is all about. That’s why it’s so important to keep the message clear and reliable. As Content Marketer Matt Goldman explains, “consistent branding eliminates confusion and shapes how people perceive the business.”

It earns their trust

Of course the most important aspect of retailing in general is to provide excellent customer service and an outstanding retail experience.

Goldman takes it a little further by noting how a true brand experience is the result of a connectivity with customers that creates a lasting impact.

So don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining personalized connections through your branding. Indeed, a positive brand perception is what creates trust.

They value the experience

For the most part, buyer experiences are driven by their emotions–which can explain why customers tend to remember a brand’s personality more than anything else.

And if their experience with your brand clicks, a solid foundation is created.

“Ultimately, bridging the gap between brand and customers boils down to creating memorable customer experiences,” sums up Goldman.


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