Import eBay products and listings to ETSY


This app will import and sync your eBay items/inventory/prices with Etsy hourly.
All listings are created in Etsy as "Draft".

Quick Start - Import right after payment (no free trial on ETSY)!

Requirement: eBay current listings and an Etsy shop.
Information: eBay Variations are not yet supported by Etsy.
Terms: Payment through Paypal. Save 50% first month.
Press Start to connect with
esa Product Manager  (2-4pm EST) 1-800-ESA-5870
Monthly pricing: 0-999 eBay Items $24.50 then $49
1,000-5,000 Items $49.50 then $99
5,000-25,000 Items $99.50 then $199
25,000+ Items $149.50 then $299
Not available in some countries