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How Fear of Failure Can Be Your Greatest Business Ally. What about eBay + Shopify?

Fear of Business FailureFear is a paradox. It can either paralyze or energize. The good thing, though, is that we get to choose which. eBay + Shopify can solve that.

Fear of failure conjures up a host of negative emotions such as worry, anxiety, anger, and fatigue. Not surprisingly, the stress can leave us feeling indecisive and unmotivated. This is where so many businesses get stuck.

But what if you could turn fear of failure on its face by channeling it into something positive for your business? How would you do that? By allowing it to be your guide and teacher. Instead of your tormentor.

Become Aware of Negative Thought Patterns eBay + Shopify

You might have vague goals, business plans, or marketing strategies in mind. But the problem is that the ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ questions keep playing out in your head.

Is fear of failing all you can think about? If so, then I bet you’re feeling confused and a bit unsure about what to do next. Or maybe your goals and plans are far too rigid in scope. Rather than being a reflection of your values and what you want, they are instead full of absolutes and exaggerations of what you think your business should be.

The problem here is that without the flexibility and wiggle room necessary for creativity, you are left with zero motivation.

Business FailureCan you feel the entropy setting in? eBay + Shopify can work for you!

Constant negative thought patterns are what gives our internal voices the okay to keep telling us we are failures. These thoughts and emotions can be so intense at times that they feel like a snowball rolling down the hill, gaining speed and getting bigger and bigger…

Acknowledge & Release Negative Thoughts eBay + Shopify

If this sounds like you, then stop what you’re doing and just take a break. Sit down. Breathe. Everything is going to be okay. And you know why?

Because the moment you become aware of fear-related thoughts, they dissolve and no longer have any power over you. By consciously, and without judgment, acknowledging them you can then let them go and flutter away with the wind.

What’s so powerful about this is being able to “look” at your thoughts from a neutral observer’s point of view. One who, if called upon, is a kind and dependable source of wise advice to help you along your path.

This is better known as mindfulness. But it does take some practice.

Learn to Focus on Positive Thoughts

Once you start observing your thoughts on a regular basis, it becomes easier to calmly let negative ones go, without judging them. So make a commitment to yourself to try to always be intentional in your thinking.

If you can accept failure as part of the learning process, it will shift your perspective from fear and you will see everything in a more positive light.

From fear comes possibility; through possibility comes purposeful action. As motivational coach David J. Schwartz once put it, “do what you fear, and fear disappears.” This is the path that leads to success.

You have the power to transform fear into a personal mentor for your business: always there, offering sage advice, giving you the confidence, courage and guidance you’ll need to persevere through the trials to come.

What better ally could any business owner ask for?

Please let me know your thoughts below. Do you have any similar ideas to add that have helped your business in a positive way?

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