how to find a target market for your ecommerce shop

How to Find a Target Market For Your Ecommerce Shop

how to find a target market for your ecommerce shopIt does take some research to see what target market is going to be a good fit for an ecommerce shop. Generally speaking, though, finding the right customer for your online store comes down to answering a few pertinent questions.

Do you know your customer?

Unless you’ve already identified a buyer persona for your store, and understand their overall traits, the answer is probably no.

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Suffice it to say that it is extremely important to learn as much as you can about the demographics of your industry. In fact, it is essential for not only getting to know your target customer, but for carving out your niche too.

What are their pain points?

It’s fairly straightforward for an ecommerce shop to identify a target market. But what’s not always obvious is figuring out what compels customers to buy in the first place.

The short answer is that it’s determined by their wants and needs. But how do you research wants and needs? Fortunately, there’s a simple and almost fool-proof way to do this. It’s just one way, there are others, but it sure is effective.

Simply visit competitors’ websites and look for negative reviews from their customers. You may not find any right away, but you’re bound to if you keep looking. Then, take notice of things like what causes customers to gripe, what part of the process they are frustrated with, what did they expect to gain but didn’t, etc.

Why should they buy from you?

A customer’s pain points are your opportunities. It’s where you can fill a need and solve their problem, too.

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An ecommerce shop that focuses its target market planning on offering unique solutions will have a better chance of reaching customers. So ask yourself, for example,

*How is my product better than the competitors?

*What does my business offer that competitors don’t?

*How is my store different?

In essence, an ideal buyer’s needs are what should inform an online store’s customer brand. This creates a symbiotic relationship which becomes the basis for success over time. Simply put, by genuinely solving your customer’s immediate problems you’re rewarded with their long-term loyalty.


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