photo of storeroom eBay inventory

Here’s a Quick Way to Find eBay Inventory That Sells

photo of storeroom eBay inventory

A crucial caveat in any kind of inventory shopping is to never spend more than you can afford to lose. However, even the savviest of sellers are sometimes stuck with stagnant merchandise.

But there are effective ways to approach an eBay inventory analysis that can improve your turnover rates.

Do the research

It is important to know what buyers want when you are looking for inventory for eBay. And the best way you can do this is to identify opportunities and trends.

In fact, one of the easiest ways to spot trends is to take a sample of items you’re considering selling and do test searches using eBay’s search engine.

The right keywords can help you identify gaps in your product line. And you can even take it a step further, advises Laura Lane from ChannelAdvisor.

“Don’t forget to try multiple variations of keywords in the search bar to identify any trends that you might be overlooking. Make note of any new keywords that work well during this search to help you optimise your current listings.”

Develop your sourcing strategy

A good sourcing strategy will ideally provide you with a steady supply of merchandise you can resell for a profit.

Top 5 trends in Online Inventory Sourcing to Watch

You have many options here. For example, you might purchase and manage your eBay inventory remotely. Or you might shop flea markets, thrift stores, and bargain racks, in which case you store your eBay inventory yourself.

Whatever your method, make a plan. Put it in writing. Work your strategy.

Track your results

Just as important as finding eBay inventory is tracking its movement. So you’ll want to develop a system using spreadsheets, customized software, or a database to manage your eBay inventory levels.

Not only does this give you a clear picture of your inventory movement, but, equally important, if you need to tweak your research methods or sourcing strategies.

In addition, accurate tracking will help you avoid fulfillment problems, creating satisfied buyers who want to come back and buy again.

In the end your success is only partly based on finding inventory that sells. That’s because truly successful sellers are the ones who provide exceptional customer service by ensuring a product is available whenever a customer places their order.

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