Fun Facts About Selling Online

3 Fun Facts About Selling Online That Might Surprise You

Fun Facts About Selling OnlineWant a little motivation to take your business to the next level? If you’re currently selling online (or even just thinking about it), you never know where the inspiration will come from to take the next step.

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Maybe it’ll be learning from other people’s experiences, or by getting a better understanding of techniques, or perhaps something else. Whatever the case, you will know it because it will strike a chord. With this in mind, here are some inspiring facts:

An Online Store Can Be Up and Running in a Few Clicks

A basic store can have a fairly fast go-to-market time.

That’s because ecommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce offer pre-made templates to create your store. On the other hand, marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon only require that you set up an account before you start selling.

Fun Facts About Selling Online80 Percent of People Who Use the Internet Buy Online

Trust in ecommerce has steadily and measurably increased over time. As a result, this presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in general. The main reason is because it makes it easy for anyone selling online to find their particular market demographic.

Using the Right Color Scheme Will Help Increase Sales

Humans, by nature, are color driven. So it follows that color can drastically affect the buying process. In fact, the right choice of colors (based on things like brand and target market) can have a positive and powerful psychological influence on the customer.

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These are just a few interesting tidbits of info out there about selling online. But more than simply being fun facts, their ultimate value lies in the action they can inspire in sellers to start or improve their own ecommerce businesses.




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