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Import eBay Products and Listings to
Shopify, BigCommerce, and Etsy

Boost sales and STOP wasting time:

Coverting products to different channels

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Use the tools you want to manage inventory

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Import eBay products and sync for
Shopify, BigCommerce & Etsy

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Multichannel eBay Sellers:

Import and sync eBay with Shopify, BigCommerce, and Etsy today!  We offer a Free Import for Shopify.  esa Product Manager saves you time so you can focus on sales.



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• eBay Shopify Integration

• eBay Shopify Sync

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• Import eBay to BigCommerce

• eBay BigCommerce Integration

• eBay BigCommerce Sync

• Import eBay to Etsy

• eBay Etsy Integration

• eBay Etsy Sync

Top Features

  • Product Linking

    Easily link eBay products with Shopify, Etsy and Bigcommerce.

  • Remove Duplicates

    Removes duplicate entries when importing products.

  • Runs Without SKUs

    Flexibility to sync products without the need to utilize SKUs.

  • Tailored For Small Businesses

    Great tool for both small and large eBay Store users.

  • Use Your Favorite Listing Tool(s)

    No need to use special inventory tool(s) to sync and manage products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

AMAZING….We have used the product since late 2014. We are now on 3 channels which weren’t possible before. We have witnessed substantial growth in business due to the software alone. The ease of use of the software is unparalleled. Prior to using the software I researched heavily into multi-channel inventory management systems, all of which had issues which would have meant extra workload on our staff. ESA requires absolutely no extra work on our end. The ESA team have ALWAYS resolved any queries we’ve had promptly.

Have been using this quality service for over one year now and been thoroughly impressed with how simple and efficient the system is. All our items that we list on ebay are uploaded onto our site seamlessly, and items that are sold on either the website or ebay are adjusted/removed instantly. The support is great, with a valued response usually on the same day. Couldn’t recommend it more.

Great interface, easy to understand and use. Super Customer service, very responsive.

We use to synchronize our eBay items and I’m amazed how much time it saves us.

We use this app at to import inventory from eBay to our BigCommerce site. Great quality and service, prompt replies to question and wonderful assistance.

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