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How Ecommerce Sellers Benefit from Free Shipping AND WHY YOU SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER IT FOR YOUR STORE

ecommerce sellers happy and relaxingThe main concern most ecommerce sellers have about free shipping is how to offer it and still make money. While that’s understandable, the how-to’s are a topic for another blog. However, suffice it to say, there are two easy methods you can try right away.

The first is to roll your shipping costs into the total selling price—without overpricing the item of course. You can achieve this with a little market research. The second method, by contrast, is to cut costs in other areas of your business to cover your shipping costs.

Regardless of method, though, the benefits are the same:

Increases Visibility

Most online buyers consider free shipping as an essential factor when making a purchasing decision. In fact, they often expect it.

The reason why it’s so attractive to them is because of the simple pricing structure. In other words, they know there won’t be any additional charges at checkout that might cause them to change their mind.

Indeed, it’s the ecommerce sellers that offer free shipping who will increase their visibility and reduce cart abandonment. Simply put, they create a reliable brand in the eye of the customer.

Gives a Competitive Edge

These days, the best way for ecommerce sellers to stay competitive is to offer value in the form of free shipping. But a word of caution here. Using this “sales strategy” must NEVER be used at the expense of offering quality products and customer service.

ecommerce sellers bar graph moving upwardsRather, it should be used to give customers additional proof that you stand apart from the competition. And then, they’ll have even more reason to return. . . .

Helps Customer Retention

Buyers want an exceptional bargain. And, certainly, free shipping offers them a great incentive to not only make a purchase, but also to consider returning to your store.

Ecommerce sellers would be wise to think about this sales strategy as a way to drive conversion rates and promote repeat business. Because, in the end, the results will more than make up for any associated costs along the way.



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