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How to Attract the Perfect Customer in 3 Clear-Cut Steps

attract the perfect customer in 3 clear-cut stepsIf you want to attract the perfect customer you have to understand the need for your product. You can easily figure this out by focusing on the problem it can solve.

Step 1: Identify a target market

A target market is the group most likely to buy your product. By definition, they are a broad group of your potential customers, based on demographics such as age, income, occupation, and more.

However, a point sometimes overlooked by sellers is that a target market isn’t always the same thing as a target customer—the latter being much more personal and specific.

Step 2: Define your target customer

A target customer is a segmented portion of your target market, complete with individual character traits and personality. This is also known as a buyer persona.

attract the perfect customer in 3 clear-cut stepsAnd what’s great is that these insights can help you plan for what your target customers need and want.

It’s why including persona research in your marketing  planning is crucial.  After all, you can’t expect to attract the perfect customer unless you know exactly who they are.

Step 3: Market exclusively to them

Understanding your target customer helps you identify their personal attitudes, beliefs, and pain points. In other words, you can see the core problem.

As a result, and by effectively relaying your insights through your marketing materials, you can show potential buyers you know what they want and what matters to them. And that your product solves their problem!

But don’t forget to regularly evaluate and update your core marketing message, as necessary. The reason is that, over time, customers needs and wants can change. And so can their pain points. This means you always need to be ready.

All in all, the best way to consistently attract the perfect customer is by marketing directly to the core problem. By speaking one-on-one to their main source of friction you help set your products and brand apart from the competition.


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