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How to Find Topics for Your E-Store Blog

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Rather than a generic list of topics for your e-store blog, what you want instead are ways to brainstorm your own ideas from scratch. Doing so can help you avoid the frustrating search for a topic idea every time you want to publish an article.

Read Competitor Blogs

They could be blogs you wish to emulate. By reading what the competition is writing, you can see what’s working for them. In the process, you’ll gain knowledge about your industry that will help to not only create topic ideas, but in running your business, too.

Don’t be afraid to steal ideas from others. This could be a snippet of information from an article you liked or a better way of writing the article itself. However, and this is very important, always keep the content you produce for your blog fresh and original.

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Listen to Customers

Another way of coming up with new topics for your e-store blog is to listen to what customers are saying.

Talking and listening to customers always makes good business sense. But it can also be a valuable source of insight for your blog. You can get inspiration from reading their reviews, solving their problems, and helping them with challenges.

You can also frequent the social media sites they visit.

As long as you know your target customer, you’ll know where to find them. And this can be a goldmine of information. Look for subgroups focused on the general subject you’re looking for. Then simply make note of the kinds of questions that continually come up.

Keep an Ideas Fileopen book with topics for your e-store blog jumping out

Obviously this is an extension of the above. Still, maintaining an idea file is an effective method all on its own, especially because you can’t predict when inspiration will hit.

Therefore, whenever you have an idea that might make for an interesting post, write it down. And if you do this each and every time (and keep them in an organized file), you’ll amass a significant inventory of topic ideas to draw on.

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So why stare at a blank canvas, a white screen, and a blinking cursor when instead, you can jump right in? After all, by organically creating topics for your e-store blog, you’ll always have a wellspring of ideas to draw from.



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