The Magic Formula for Reversing Negative Feedback

The Magic Formula for Reversing Negative Feedback

The Magic Formula for Reversing Negative FeedbackBad reviews happen to all sellers, but you don’t want them to affect your business. Focus instead on reversing negative feedback by nipping any issues in the bud.

In fact, if you handle their issue well enough, the (formerly) unhappy customer may then be inclined to update (or even delete) their negative review.

Listening Is Key

Most often customers are simply letting off steam. At the same time, though, you need to “hear” what they’re actually saying. So any chance you might have of reversing negative feedback must start with the following mindset:

The customer is always right, regardless of your frustrations

A bad review is not an inconvenience. Rather, it’s the result of a problem with your business and you won’t know what that problem is unless you choose to listen.

In short, the customer’s voice is priceless for your business success because it is a valuable resource for improving their experience.

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Don’t react, respond

Never take anything personally. Simply acknowledge the customer’s concerns and plan your response accordingly. It will make the overall process much easier.

Pinpoint the issue

Often you have to dig deep into reviews and read past the emotions to pinpoint the underlying issue. When you understand the problem you can take corrective action.

Engage one-on-one

This affects how the customer perceives your business now and also its long-term image. Use your responses as an opportunity to clear up any current misunderstandings to prevent confusion from future customers.

Keeping It Real

Truth is, negative customer feedback is even more valuable than positive feedback. But the secret is to accept it as constructive criticism and respond in a positive manner.

Consequently, taking responsibility and showing genuine concern for the customer and their situation greatly increases your chances of reversing negative feedback.

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Perhaps the most important thing to know is that negative reviews are only posted by customers who care. And thus sellers need to return the favor by being attentive and caring, rather than unprofessional and defensive.



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