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How to Use Keywords in an eBay Product Description

how to use keywords in an eBay product descriptionHaving the right keywords in an eBay product description is important because it helps your buyer decide if it is the item they want. That’s because keywords, at their essence, are based on a customer’s thinking as they’re searching for something online.

Search engines such as eBay’s Cassini, and others, see keyword usage as a key factor in determining a listing’s relevance. This means if your keywords match up with the buyer’s thinking your product listing will appear at or near the top of the search page.

Research popular keywords they’re using

One way to do this is to use a keyword research tool, which are readily available online. These tools can help you generate a list of keywords potential buyers are searching for along with pertinent data. So they can be a great source of information.

You can also conduct your own eBay research. Simply search for identical (or similar) items to yours and note what keywords are used most frequently in the listings that come up. From there, you can narrow it down to the most popular words and phrases.

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Add words in a way that flows with the writing

The most successful listings keep it simple and straight to the point. They’re also one hundred percent accurate in how they describe the product and its condition.

Their real secret, however, is that they know to write it like they would speak it.

That’s why it’s important for keywords in an eBay product description to be added in a way that keeps the content easy to read and understand. They should naturally fit in.

Keep in mind more is not always better

That’s because too many keywords can lower your exposure in the eyes of search engines (for many reasons). And this will have a direct effect on your sales.

Think of it like a textbook highlighter. Highlight a few important words or phrases and they stand out. They entice you to look closer. On the other hand, if you highlight most of the page, then nothing stands out.

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The main reason to use relevant keywords in an eBay product description is to sell the product. More importantly, though, is the understanding of how their usage also plays a key role in selling yourself as the seller. In short, by being genuine and relevant in your descriptions, you earn your customer’s trust, which, in turn, leads to their loyalty.



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