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5 Practical Ideas for Your Customer Loyalty Programs

Practical Ideas for Your Customer Loyalty ProgramsAt the heart of all successful customer loyalty programs is a commitment to keep the customer happy. Business owners can achieve this objective by including customer incentives in their overall marketing strategy.

1) Reward regular customers

Boost sales and garner loyalty by offering exclusive perks to customers who make additional purchases.

What to offer them will vary depending on your particular business, of course. But it might be something like access to a sale before it’s available to other customers. With a little time and thought, you can come up with attractive options for your customers.

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2) Offer discounts for referrals

Rewarding customers helps increase sales. Satisfied customers then tell their friends and family about the excellent experience they had with your business.

So why not include referral rewards in your customer loyalty programs as a way to say thanks? For example, you could offer discounts on future purchases for each referral.

3) Ship free to repeat customers

At first, this may sound counterintuitive to being practical. Nevertheless, free shipping is a great option for retaining and rewarding long term customers.

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4) Enhance the customer experience

A positive experience increases customer satisfaction. It also strengthens relationships. Simply put, providing excellent customer service and support makes it more likely customers will want to return to your store.

5) Offer a free gift after a purchase

Here’s how to delight your customers. Perhaps you can show them a selection of free gifts to consider with their purchase while they’re still shopping. This makes it more likely they’ll follow through to check out.

Plus when you offer customers perks for buying from you over a competitor, you improve the chances they’ll return in the future.

In the long run, using customer loyalty programs as part of a marketing mix is a cost-effective way of building a loyal customer base and attracting new customers, too.



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