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The Best Way to Generate Ideas for Your Ecommerce Blog

tablet with graphics to help get ideas for your ecommerce blogOnce visitors arrive at your site, you want them to stay. And an easily accessible blog section that captures their interest will keep them reading. That’s why, when generating ideas for your ecommerce blog, it’s always best to start by crafting a clickable title.

Done right, a good blog post title will not only grab visitors’ attention, but also make your content writing easier and editorial planning less cumbersome.

The title should not be an afterthought

On the contrary, a good  title is the result of some forethought. This means it needs to not only be riveting and eye catching, but should also include well-thought-out keywords. Using the right keywords will boost the effectiveness of your title and help you grow your blog by targeting your customers directly.

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By initially generating ideas for your ecommerce blog into creating a good title, the content itself will then seem to fall into place. That is to say, it gives you a much clearer direction by providing a workable angle before you even start writing.

cartoon man with bulb representing ideas for your ecommerce blogUse title templates as guidelines only

Your post’s title should be original and stand out from the crowd. That being said, there are many blog title templates online to help fuel your creativity.

Templates give you the basic wording and then you fill in the blanks. For example, they may cover everything from how to communicate a benefit, identify a need, or solve a problem, to creating controversy, starting a debate, or asking a pertinent question.

All the same, a good rule of thumb when mulling over ideas for your ecommerce blog titles is to use templates as a guideline only. In other words, they are a good starting point that you can then expand upon.

Keep the content relevant to the title

Content is a major factor in Google’s algorithms. And a good title with crappy or copied content will not improve your Google ranking. It will instead rank your site much lower.

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Developing ideas for your ecommerce blog by first creating clickable titles takes time, thought, and perseverance.  But ultimately, and most importantly, if your title is not accompanied by solid content you’ve simply wasted your effort.


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